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Universal Wall Dimmer Switch Light - Three-Way The sofTap dimmer light wall switch is designed with an innovative micro-movement functionality, allowing you to turn lights on and off or dim them with a soft "tap" of the finger.Select a single switch to control one light. Or, pair it with a second switch or dimmer to conveniently control the light from two locations. Switch supports single-pole and three-way operation. Easy "1-for-1" installation lets you simply replace your existing 15A switch in just minutes. Fits in your existing electrical box and does not require new wires for typical installation. Innovative assembly and snap-in system make it fast and simple to install. 1.75 in x 1.75 in x 1.25 in. Legrand Adorne Universal Wall Dimmer Switch Light - 3-Way - 1.75 in X 1.75 in X 1.25 In.

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