By placing an order on this site, the buyer agrees fully to the compliance of the terms and conditions set by Bass Electronics. Bass Electronics reserves the right to take any legal action against the buyer if the terms and conditions is violated.


We accept PayPal as a means of a quick, secure payment plan. You “the customer” are not required to have a PayPal account to make a payment with PayPal, all major credit cards are accepted. We accept MasterCard, Visa and now Electronic Email Transfer “EMT”.  All payments made by credit card will be emailed an invoice/receipt. We do not ship to P.O boxes. All Ontario residents must pay taxes (dependent on buyer’s province) on all sales and services. Any products purchased from us, must have your items shipped to the shipping address provided at checkout. We accept payment with PayPal but only “Confirmed Addresses” with PayPal will be accepted. We will send your item to the confirmed address only, no exceptions.

General Processing Information

Bass Electronics has seven business days to complete the transactions after receiving the payment. Bass Electronics has the right to take up to seven business days to process any incoming orders.  Orders received after 5:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT – 5:00) will be processed on the next business day. Regular processing times for an order is within 24-48 hours, after Bass Electronics receives a full compliance payment. For compliance payment details, please refer to our payment section of this agreement. Upon payment being received by the seller, all sales are final.  No Refund or Exchange will be issued, unless otherwise authorized by Bass Electronics.  For defective items, replacement and repair please refer to our Limited Warranty Coverage and Return Policy sections. 

Shipping Policy

Buyers should confirm the shipping origin location with Bass Electronics if they have any questions and concerns regarding shipping issues. The seller “Bass Electronics” liability on shipment ends once the courier service takes custody of the item.  This simply means that Bass Electronics’ liability on each shipment ceases at the point of drop off or hand over to the courier service.  If the item is lost from this point onwards, the seller “Bass Electronics” will not take any responsibility.  The Shipment does not come with any standard insurance unless special request is made.  Shipping insurance option is available for buyers; please email us regarding shipping insurance quotation for your location.

Product Compatibility/Specification/Color Choices  

Bass Electronics does not have the obligation to provide a copy of an English manual to the buyer.  However, we do try our best to provide printed English manual in most cases.

The product advertised may not be intended for your country or region, therefore the product configuration and the related accessories may not be suitable or compatible in your country or region. Bass Electronics will not be responsible for any compatibility of the product and its accessories in your region or country. Language version, firmware version and color are shipped at a random basis unless the buyer makes prior arrangement. Buyer should list all of their requests/preferences prior to checking out and follow up with an email after payment is made.  Once the item is shipped, no exchange will be granted on language version, firmware version and color choices. It is the buyers’ responsibilities to ensure that the seller receives their email. 

Limited Warranty Coverage Policy

All products and services for sale carry 1-year Manufacturers warranty, with original receipt from the seller “Bass Electronics”.  The manufacturer’s warranty is offered by the manufacturer only, not by Bass Electronics, and maybe restricted by geographical constraints. The manufacturer will determine which country or location the product should be sent to for servicing. Please note that the servicing country can be other than United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. International buyers must pay for any additional shipping.

Brands such as DD Audio, Sundown Audio, PRV audio, Taramp’s, Skar, American Bass, Soundstream, Orion, Hifonics, Crunch, Autotek, Odyssey, Cerwin Vega do not carry any warranty. The seller, Bass Electronics has the right to make the final decision on whether a replacement or a repair process should be issued under any circumstances or situation. Each product is undertaken by one year limited warranty repair coverage. Intermittent issues on the product will not be covered under our limited warranty policy. The fault that described by the buyer MUST not be an intermittent problem; it must be a permanent fault that can be easily identified on every usage or access on that feature.  The seller, Bass Electronics has the right to make the final decision on whether the issue pointed out is considered permanent defects or not. The seller, Bass Electronics has the right to make the final decision on whether a repair process should be issued under any circumstances or situation.  

Bass Electronics reserves the final rights to approve any DOA (Dead-On-Delivery) replacement or a warranty coverage repair.  The seller, Bass Electronics also has the right to make the final decision on whether the issue pointed out by the buyer is consider a defect or not. In the event that a replacement or repair is not granted to the buyer, the buyer will have to find their own repair source and is responsible for all the related cost and expenses. The repair process by Bass Electronics usually takes 7-14 business days after item is received from the buyer. However, there is no guarantee on the time frame.  

Return Policy

All returned product is subject to the approval by the seller. Returned items without an approval RMA (Return Material Authorization) number from the seller will not be processed.  Any shipping and handling expenses on returns without an RMA will be the buyer’s responsibility.  A legal action will be taken if buyer refuses to take responsibility on these charges along with the cost of any legal expenses that occur. Upon receiving the defective item from the buyer, the seller will examine and test for the defective claim that was made by the buyer. Unless the seller can reproduce the same fault indicated by the buyer, the return will not be accepted. All return shipment from Bass Electronics will be via ground shipping method or the equivalent subject to be determined by Bass Electronics.  

In the event of returning the product, the buyer is fully responsible for the safe return of the product to us. Item must be returned within 7 days after the issue of an RMA. The returned merchandise should include the following RMA number that was issued by the seller, buyer’s full name, shipping address, contact phone number, and the reason for return. All accessories and manual must also be included inside the package as the buyer originally received it. Returned merchandise should be well packed to protect from damages. Any missing parts, damaged items or inappropriate information will not be accepted. Any unidentified return which is aged over 14 days, Bass Electronics will have the right to dispose such item without notifying the buyer. No replacement will be issued on the unidentified return once it has been disposed. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost. The standard replacement shipping by Bass Electronics will be ground shipping or the equivalent, subject to be determined by Bass Electronics.  

Sellers Liability

The seller, Bass Electronics will not be liable for any personal or physical injury, and damages caused by the product sold.  For safety handling and operation of the product, please refer to the instruction manual, which comes along with the product or contact manufacture directly. Any recall on product by manufacture will not be handled through the seller Bass Electronics.  Buyers should contact the manufacturer directly for any related questions or inquiries. Bass Electronics does not have any obligations in providing any technical support on the sold product. Please contact the manufacturer or your service provider directly for technical and product assistance.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any questions regarding the above terms and condition.