Rockford Fosgate RFK4D 4-gauge dual amplifier complete wiring kit

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Product Highlights:

4 gauge complete power, ground and signal installation kit for two amplifiers.

Your amp needs big power wires in order to deliver top performance to your sound system. Rockford Fosgate's RFK4D amplifier wiring kit supplies everything you'll need to send power and signal to two amps and your speakers. It's designed for amplifiers with fuse ratings totaling up to 100 amperes.

  • dual amplifier wiring kit
  • cables meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements
  • 17 feet of 4-gauge power cable
  • 6 feet of 8-gauge power cable
  • 3 feet of 4-gauge ground cable
  • 6 feet of 8-gauge ground cable
  • 20 feet of 18-gauge turn-on lead wire
  • two 16-foot twisted pair RCA patch cables
  • 30 feet of 16-gauge speaker wire
  • MAXI fuse holder and 100-amp fuse
  • two 4-gauge to 8-gauge distribution blocks
  • assortment of wire termination hardware and cable ties
  • warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box:

  • Owner's manual
  • 17' Power cable (4-gauge) in a red translucent jacket (has an in-line MAXI fuse holder and a ring terminal on the battery end)
  • 3' Ground cable (4-gauge) in a gray translucent jacket (with a ring terminal on one end)
  • 6' Power cable (8-gauge) in a red translucent jacket
  • 6' Ground cable (8-gauge) in a gray translucent jacket
  • 2 Distribution blocks (One 4-gauge in/Three 8-gauge out)
  • Two 16' twisted pair RCA patch cords
  • 30' Length of 16-AWG speaker wire
  • 20' Length of turn-on lead in a blue jacket
  • Ten 4" wire ties
  • Plastic bag containing the following:
  • Crimp-on ring terminal for 4-gauge wire
  • Large black rubber boot
  • 100A MAXI fuse
  • Plastic 4 gauge-sized grommet
  • 2 Red plastic butt connectors
  • 5 Crimp-on female 0.25" quick slide connectors
  • 5 Crimp-on spade connectors
  • 3 Red rubber boots
  • 2 Black rubber boots
  • Decal with model and serial numbers

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