Kicker 46KISLOAD4 K-Series Interface for Smart Radios 25ohm Load/ 4ch 20v Inputs

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Kicker 46KISLOAD4

Ensure signal flow

Factory stereo systems are getting smarter and smarter these days — which unfortunately makes adding aftermarket amplifiers and processors more difficult. Often, the most convenient place to get audio signal is from a factory amplifier's output, which shuts down or distorts when the speakers are disconnected. Kicker's KISLOAD4 smart radio interface solves this issue by providing the resistive load the amp needs to operate properly, and passing the signal along without any distortion or loss of power.

High power

The KISLOAD4 can handle up to 100 watts RMS of power per channel, so it'll work well with a high-powered factory amp. Just make sure your line-output converter or your amplifier's speaker-level input can also handle that amount of power. Warranty: 1 year.

What's in the box:

  • Smart-Radio interface
  • Two 11" 4-channel speaker wire harnesses (input/output)
  • Four 15mm screws


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