Fortin EVO-START 2 Smartphone Remote Starter Module

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This is the NEW Fortin EVO-START 2, the first smartphone remote start module with NO monthly or yearly usage fees.

Simply purchase the device, connect it to your remote starter, and you can then use your smartphone to start your vehicle.

The EVO-START 2 works in Quebec and Ontario.


 Start Your Car From Anywhere: The EVO-START is the fastest starter for your smartphone!Security: The EVO-START will inform your with a pop-up of every diagnostic your car has. You will be informed wherever you are!Lock and Unlock: The EVO-START allows the user to use their smartphone as the OEM remote but with a much larger range. Lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone!Temperature: With the EVO-START you will know the exact temperature inside your car when used with the EVO-ONE or E400.Sliding Doors: Open your sliding doors with your smartphone. The application gives you full control of your sliding doors!Alarm: The application supports the alarm activation and will inform you of any infraction that occurs with your vehicle.Running Time: The EVO-START has a timer display on the interface to show you how much time is left on your timer.Trunk: The EVO-START will let you open the trunk of your vehicle directly from your smartphone!Control All of Your Vehicles: The EVO-START will let you have complete control of all your vehicles. With one application you can control an unlimited amount of vehicles!

Note: Smartphone not included. Please call before purchasing installation as some vehicles may require extra parts.



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