D2S Xenon HID Headlight Bulb Set (PAIR)

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D2S HID Headlight bulbs  Description and Overview

Upgrade Your HIDs. Give your OEM HIDs a fresh, new aftermarket look by upgrading to the best D2S bulbs! If one of your bulbs has burned out and you don’t want to drop $125 for a single bulb, grabbing a pair of fresh White D2S HID Headlight Bulbs will get you back on the road ASAP! Ideal for BMW, Acura, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, etc., Buy the best quality D2S HID headlight replacement bulbs online. Order now & enjoy free shipping.

Our Lights Make You Safer. Underground Lighting D2S HID Headlight Bulbs provide better visibility for the road. These White Xenon Bulbs are 30% brighter than a standard OEM Halogen Bulb.

Best and Brightest. Compared to other market products, like the Philips White Vision Gen2, you get a headlight that is much brighter and of highest quality. All of our Xenon HID products are of the highest quality on the market. It’s time to replace that ugly “Yellow” OEM Xenon color factory light with our brilliant D2S 35W Bulb, Direct fitment. These are 3300Lm Per Bulb at least 2times brighter than OEM! Also, our D2S bulb is AC Powered not DC powered or imitation DC power the same as OEM factory bulb, same housing (base and parts as factory quality).

Installation time is approximately 30 minutes. There is no need for slicing or complicated wiring. This light is a plug-n-play installation and operation.

What are HIDs? High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, also known as Xenon Gas Lights, are very effective for penetrating the darkness. They work when an electrical current passes through a tube with electrodes on both ends. The chemical reaction that occurs with the Xenon Gas creates the light. The light is further maintained by the vehicle’s power source. The foremost benefit of HIDs is that they last much longer than Halogen lights and burn way brighter. HIDs last up to 10,000 hours. Oftentimes, other drivers mistake HID Headlights for high-beam headlights. If you’re considering upgrading your OEM Xenon Headlights, it’s best to choose a reputable manufacturer. Lucky for you! You’ve come to the right place to purchase a pair of Superb Quality Xenon HID products.

Do you have questions about the application, installation, shipping, warranty, or more? Do not hesitate to reach out to Underground Lighting and talk to a specialist. Chat with us online by hitting the chat button or Call us at (416) 305-7211. We are here to help!

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