BRK 7020BSLA AC Hardwired 120-Volt Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Detector

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7020BSLA AC Hardwired 120-Volt Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Detector
The First Alert hardwired LED strobe light alarm with 10-year sealed battery features an incredibly bright LED strobe that's proven to be extremely efficient in providing assistance for individuals with hearing impairments. The intuitive use of a smart strobe feature carries the ability to distinguish between smoke/heat and CO dangers. First Alert smart strobe light alarms include a wide compatibility range and can be interconnected with First Alert and BRK smoke, CO, smoke/CO combination and heat models (up to 18 devices, 12 can be smoke alarms).
  • Integrated smoke alarm and strobe light saves time and money; requires only one junction box
  • AC powered with 10-year sealed battery backup
  • Smart strobe - separate flash patterns to distinguish between smoke and carbon monoxide
  • Powerful 177 Candela synchronized LED strobe light provides visual warning for hearing impaired residents
  • Strobe signal synchronization - when multiple units are installed, strobes flash in unison
  • Part # 1036168

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