BL S2-1224SS 12" Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure 1100 Watts

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Series II enclosures deliver the enhanced efficiency and higher output of a vented enclosure, without the distracting noise or “chuffing” generated by a port. The patented Slipstream port dramatically reduces port noise at high sound pressure levels by minimizing airflow turbulence. With high-roll surrounds, proprietary cone design and long-excursion, Series II enclosures deliver deep, powerful bass, with greater accuracy than conventional ported boxes.
Specifications 12" (300mm) Slipstream ported enclosure Impedance2 or 4 ohms, switch-selectable
Audio Specifications Power Handling (RMS)275 W Power Handling (Peak)1100 W
Frequency Response 25Hz – 175Hz
Sensitivity93 dB

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