American Bass Amplifier Install Kit 4 Gauge - AK4ANL

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About: American Bass AK4ANL - AMP­ Install Kit AMP 4 Ga W/Anl Fuse


  • 4 gauge (Power/Complete) Amplifier Installation Kit
  • Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 800 watts
  • Premium power and ground wire provides optimal power transfer
  • Made from CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum) for a pure uninterrupted transfer of power
  • Includes 2-channel RCA interconnect cables for the audio signal connection from the receiver to the amplifier
  • RCA Interconnects are made with twisted-pair technology for noise reduction
  • Terminals are (Nickel/Gold)-plated for excellent signal transfer
  • ANL Fuse holder offers ideal protection for Mid powered systems
  • True-to-Gauge cables/wires meet or exceed the industry standard of copper required for the gauge size


  1. 17 ft. of 4 AWG Red power cable
  2. 3 ft. of 4 AWG Black ground cable
  3. 17 ft. of Blue remote turn-on wire
  4. 17 ft. of Clear shielded RCA cable
  5. 25 ft. of speaker wire
  6. 4 AWG in-line ANL fuseholder
  7. 60 Amp ANL fuse
  8. Ring Terminals
  9. Ground Terminals
  10. Vinyl Cable Ties
  11. Screws
  12. Butt connectors
  13. Spade Terminals
  14. Grommets


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