Compustar FT-DC3-LC Remote Starter Brain

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NEW RELEASE - Compustar FT-DC3-S Remote Starter Controller

Compatible with majority of iDatastart/iDatalink Vehicle Specific t-harness accessories. Flexible, the FT-DC3-S can be upgraded to a full alarm with remote starter, making it one of the most versatile remote start controllers on the market today. Added benefit of optional T-Harness compatibility for easy plug-and-play installation, for customers who are worried about manufacturer warranties or spliced wires, sold separately.

Security you ask?

The DC3 is fully upgradeable to an alarm-start system as mentioned above, via the FT-ALARMIT-KIT. These features must be enabled during the flashing process.

The Compustar DC3 can be used as a OEM starter using the original fob on many different vehicles, for compatibility, please contact us @ 416 745 1021.

The Compustar DC3 can be paired with Compustar RF kits (remote controls) and smartphone add-ons like Drone Mobile and My-Start and Evo-Start 2.

Check for vehicle specific T-Harness For your vehicle.


Type of Remote Starter:
OEM Key Fob via 3XLock Start / Can Also Add RF Kit or Smartphone Control (Drone Mobile)

How Many Remote Controls Come With This System:  

Operating Range:
Dependant on Remote System

Remote Starter Model Number:

Compatible with Smartphone Control:
Drone Mobile & Evo-Start 2 & MyStart

Manual Transmission Compatible:

Diesel Compatible:

Warranty Coverage:
Limited Lifetime

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