Kicker TRHDP TechnoResearch 2014-Newer Harley-Davidson Audio Programming Software

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Kicker TRHDP

For installers and serious DIY people

When you install a Kicker speaker/amplifier upgrade kit on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you also need to reflash the factory radio through the stock engine control module (ECM) in order for the radio to recognize the new gear. You could take your bike to the dealership and pay them to reflash the system, or you could do it yourself using Kicker's TRHDP Audio Programmer.

Plug it in

You download the app from Kicker to your laptop. Then you plug the programming module and your computer into your Harley-Davidson's 6-pin diagnostic port and launch the program. You make some selections according to which bike you have and which upgrade you've installed. The program automatically optimizes the factory system to match up with the new speakers and amplifiers, and greatly improves the power and fidelity of the sound.

Product highlights:

  • Harley-Davidson factory radio reprogrammer for Kicker speaker/amplifier upgrade kits
  • works in select 2014-up Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a Kicker upgrade kit
    • FHDESU14G front speaker kit for select 2014-up models
    • FHDR15G front speaker kit for select 2015-up models with Shark Nose fairing
    • RHDT14 rear speaker kit for select 2014-17 Tour Pack models
  • requires computer and internet connection for set up
  • download programming app from Kicker
  • stock engine control module (ECM) must be used
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • Programming module
  • 10" Diagnostic connection cable
  • 6' USB Cable (Type-A to mini-B / 2.0)
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