Clarion XC660DSP OEM Integration DSP Processor

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OEM Integration DSP Processor

  • 24-bit Digital Signal Processor
  • 6-Channel Differential Inputs, 6-Channel Output
  • 8V Max Preamp Output Voltage
  • 6x6 Input Signal Matrix Mixer
  • IVS Input Voltage Selector
  • Input, Post Mixer, Post EQ and Output Level Meters for Gain Optimization
  • Six Channel Output Level Control with 6 Grouping Options
  • Three Stereo 6-Channel 5-Band Parametric Equalizers with Channel Linking
  • Six Channel Time Alignment with 6 grouping options
  • Stereo Crossovers (High-Pass, Low-Pass & Band-Pass)
  • BC2 User Configurable Remote Level Control
  • Master Volume Control
  • Individual Channel Muting for Tuning
  • Speaker Level Input Adapters
  • Tri-On Remote Turn-On Circuit (Remote, Signal or DC Detect)
  • External Selection of 4 System Presets
  • Remote Turn-On Output On/Off Delay
  • Three Dedicated 96/24 Input ADC
  • Three Dedicated 192/24 Output DAC
  • High-Current, Low Impedance Output Driver IC’s
  • Dimensions: 202mm x 122mm x 25mm (7.9375" x 4.75" x 1")
  • Compatible with XC-Tune+ Windows Tuning Software

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