Compustar FT-7200S-CONT OEM Key Fob Remote Starter

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Get a head start with the Firstech 7-series controller. Not only does it grant you keyless entry to your vehicle, but it allows you to remotely fire up the engine and adjust the temperature. It also comes with security takeover features to ensure that your vehicle is safe from thieves (not an alarm system).

More Information

  • Features one controller: one for remote start
  • Allows you to add and remove a Blade bypass module with a new eject switch that can be activated with a screwdriver
  • Includes on-board integration with a bypass module
  • Two RS232 ports support DroneMobile, ADS, and Fortin solutions
  • Additional port lets you simultaneously use multiple bypasses
  • BLADE-TB can be used when using DroneMobile
  • 2 separate harnesses can be used for both high and low current vehicles
  • 3 built-in, high-current relays feature a 2nd accessory, 2nd ignition, and a 2nd starter
  • FT-DAS sensor is included for manual transmission vehicles
  • Thanks to compatibility with the FT-RPS TOUCH and the FT-ALARM IT, the FT-7200S can be turned into a full-fledged security system

Type of Remote Starter: 
Used with Compustar RF Kits or as a OEM Key Fob Remote Starter 

How Many Remote Controls Come With This System: 

Operating Range: 
Factory Remote Range (200-400ft) Or dependant on RF kit attached

How Many Buttons on Remote Controls: 
Variable depending on control method used 

Remote Starter Model Number: 

Compatible Antenna Number: 
N/A ( does not come with one, Compustar RF Kit must be purchased separately, or OEM keyfob used to control it ) 

Compatible with Smartphone Control: 
Yes ( DRONE Mobile ) 

Manual Transmission Compatible: 
Yes ( FT-DAS must be purchased separately to work with Manual Transmission Vehicles) 

Diesel Compatible: 

Warranty Coverage: 
2 Years

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